Monday, January 3, 2011

"Nylon Fetish"

Well, the new year started off with a dud...the newest addition is "Nylon Fetish".  I really had high hopes for this match.  We went through the Guided Communication and exchanged phone numbers.  I spoke to him for the first time on January 1.  The conversation went first.  We were getting to know each other a little better. The typical questions about faith, jobs, family, likes/dislikes, etc...  

The red flag came out when he asked if I wore dresses and nylons a lot.  ???  I said no because I went to a private school for 9 years and had to wear dresses everyday.  After that experience, my first choice is not a dress.  And nylons?  Maybe I'm wrong, and I don't wear dresses very often, so I could be totally off base with this one, but does anyone where nylons anymore???  I understand for work maybe, but when I've gone out, I don't think I've ever seen a woman wearing nylons.  It's just not very common.  Again, I maybe totally wrong on this, but this just seemed weird to me and I told him.  He kind of laughed it off and said maybe he just has a nylon fetish.  You think?  I mean this could be really bad.  All kinds of things are going through my mind at this he wearing nylon masks to rob banks?  Maybe he's psycho and uses nylons to tie up his victims?

I fumble through the rest of the conversation as questions are asked about our experiences with other eHarmony matches.  I mentioned my code names for previous matches and he seemed nervous.  He even asked what his code name would be? 

As I'm trying to process all of this information, the conversation takes a catastrophic turn...he starts talking about the nylon fetish again.  He tells me he loves the way nylons feel next to his skin.  Really?  Then he's telling me he wants to have sex with me and different sexual positions he likes.  Are you kidding me?  Am I really hearing this?  Again??? He starts explaining in detail what he would like to do to me.  And no...I am NOT going to write about the details.  I told him I had to go and got off the phone as quickly as possible.  He sent me a text the next day and I told him this was not going to work.

Yes, psycho, you made the are now officially code named 
"Nylon Fetish".

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