Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Quiet Week - Reflections

It's been a pretty quiet week.  Well, not really, but nothing very productive or positive.

Eharmony is turning out to be very disappointing.  I don't think I will renew my subscription once my commitment is finished.  Some of these matches they send me are unbelievable.  There is supposed to be this great system eHarmony has that matches me with these men using this huge questionnaire that I completed.  I don't understand how the "Life Coach" is a good match.  As a good friend said, it's just another word for "unemployed".  And what about the guy who poses in front of the bathroom mirror to take a picture of himself.  My 18 year old son does that for his Facebook profile.  Really?  What's even worse is that this same guy took multiple pictures of himself in different bathrooms.  One of the bathrooms was a public restroom with stalls and a urinal.  Are you kidding me?  Maybe, I'm being picky.  He's just trying to show how well-traveled he is, right?  Or the guy who listed sex - five times - as the 5 things he can't live without.  No wonder he's single.  But then again, so am I.  Hmmmm...

I am a strong woman - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  I do know this is a threat to many men.  I wish men would be more up front.  If you don't want to talk to me, that's okay.  I'm not going to slit my wrists.  More than likely, I'm already to talking to a few other men anyway.  You're not going to hurt my feelings.  I don't know why this is hard for some men to understand.  Just be honest.

I have come to this conclusion...somewhere around the age of 30, give or take a few years, there is a shift.  Women fade away from the "drama queen" role and men develop into "Drama Kings".  This theory does not apply to all men, but to the majority (about 90%) of those I have known.

The tide has turned,  my friends...the tide has turned.

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